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Raise the Roof!

Hello friends!

It is time for the bloggage. I managed to evade the bloggage last weekend, insisting that progress on the house did not provide enough meat and cheese for a tasty blogwich. Alas, the platter of bloggage condiments is virtually overflowing at this point.

So here I sit in my flannel track pants and #14 Curtis Granderson Yankees T shirt on a blustery Sunday afternoon, listening to 90’s on 9 on my XM radio whilst completing the bloggage. My level of comfort at this moment is total. To my dear family in the states, I would blog in an Indians T shirt if I had one, and no doubt my level of comfort would skyrocket to Biblical proportions, but today the Yankees will have to do.

People, our house is virtually erupting out of the ground. But before we get to specifics, for those of you who doubt we are actually installing a fat-apult to provide door-free access to our house for those of us to lazy to crawl through our windows, behold:

The fat-apult. Rated to 800 lbs.

I had this almost insatiable desire to push that giant red button on the fatapult. Seriously, it is a major distraction every time I visit the house. But clearly, we all know from watching movies that pushing the big red button is never a good thing – it usually results in self-destruction, or some sort of countdown timer, or the release of a noxious substance into the air, or the firing of an explosive warhead, or perhaps the revival of Brittany Spears’ career. All equally devastating events, none of which I want to inflict upon a guest of ours using the fatapult. So the button will remain unpushed.

So with no further ado, strap on your water wings and let’s dive into the picture pool. Here is a general picture of the construction so far:

The house......the floorplan is decieving.

A touch smaller than we had anticipated, but it oozes coziness. Ok, ok, so actually this is my brother’s shed also being constructed on the other side of the fence. I was spying. Shhhhh.

Rather than waste time babbling, or performing an interpretative dance, I am going to spin this tale via copious amounts of pictures. So, here we go:

Home! Notice the heavenly glow as God also looks down in approval.

But we are jumping way, way ahead here!! Steve has unleashed his forces upon the house like the attack of orcs on Helm’s Deep, minus the carnage and death, and destruction. So not really like that at all. What I mean to say is it has been busy around the house and we got lots of pictures to share that lead up to the one above…………..let’s do it.

I believe this is the Steve's hat. I touched it and immediately felt awesome.

I would have used thumbtacks, but hey, whatever works.

Steve holds math class with the boys before they begin everyday. Here we see one of his pupils forgot his tablet at school. I don't know why he only got a score of 15. I would have given him at least a 90. However, there is no denying that 15=15 as shown; solid math skills.

We were floored by the flooring progress.

Before the basement was backfilled, Steve put Blueskin on to waterproof the wall. We decided to upgrade from vapour barrier to Blueskin for extra protection against water damage. Pretty sure if Noah had Blueskin he could have knocked at least 60 years off the ark construction by using this instead of pitch on the outside. But who could take a great big floating blue boat seriously? Not even the animals would have boarded a boat that looked like that. But he could have really decorated the sides with big puffy white clouds and stuff.

We have been so impressed with the speed and quality of the work, that my wife came up with the idea of implementing “Festive Feasting Fridays”, in which she brings libations, assorted baked goods, snacks and other consumable goods to the work crew and we praise their skill and offer other words of condolence. Here are some party pictures from the first Festive Feasting Friday:

Steve and his son (we think).

This is Chris, and Chris looks thirsty.

This is the most important beam in the house. We have decided to call it that.

The foreman on site that day was HOT.

The days following Festive Feasting Friday’s saw a flurry of work accomplished on the main floor. Steve and his forces waged a building blitzkrieg, constructing the walls for the main floor faster than my pudgy 8 year hands could construct a  $10 Lego model in the 90s.

The Romans built Hadrian’s wall, 73 miles long, in Britain in AD 122 to protect themselves against the pesky locals. Steve built our kitchen and dining room wall in 2011 to protect us from the pesky elements. The similarities stagger me on a daily basis.

The view from our back yard.......those posts are for the deck, but we are thinking of scrapping the deck and mounting marble statues of Apollo, Aphrodite and Zeus on them instead. Lawn ornaments are in, and I am thinking about resale value.

So we were thinking the other day while walking around on the main floor – hey! why not just move in now? The crew can work around us, and yes, it may be a bit drafty, but as inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther so eloquently puts it “Ooooooo! That breeze feels good!”. So we moved in for a day, and here are some photos of our first day at home:

Sweeping up the mess following "man night".

Chillaxin' in the living room watching the game. Yay! Go my favorite sports team, GO!

..........but I should have been helping to sweep, so I had to take a time out.

.......during which my wife sat pensively in the dining room window and thought about how much she loves me.

Then she decided to move the hallway wall. "Just a tad" she said.

Meanwhile I sat in the jacuzzi and thought of the ramifications of what "just a tad" means for our hallway. I need more bubbles.

After the walls went up, Steve brought in the roofing crew to install the trusses.  It could just be me, but there seemed to be a few more guys than usual on site that day.

I didn’t know Steve had Amish connections but apparently, I stand corrected. These guys rallied the troops and wrestled the entire structure into submission. Their tools? Apparently, nothing more than testosterone and rope, as can be seen in the above picture. Mashed potatoes and baked chicken on the house tonight boys!

The handiwork of our Amish roofing crew. They roofed with reckless abandon.

They did an excellent job framing in our living room battlement, from which we will quell any peasant uprisings in our front yard by hurling pots of burning oil down on them. "HONEY, THE PEASANTS ARE REVOLTING AGAIN! TO THE ROOF!"

What a week it was! It is crazy how fast things are happening. By the end of this week, we are hoping the roof will be sheathed and maybe even shingling started. It is so exciting to think of transferring all our routines into this new house.  Making it our own, decorating it at Christmas, starting the memories. Guys, it still feels like a dream. Every time we go out there, I feel like I am walking on someone else’s property……living someone else’s life. We still feel like we are way too young, and besides, only “grown ups” build houses, right?. Is that how we are looked at now by the younger generation? Are we considered old people? Is this what it is like? If so, I can definitely say, life gets waaaaaaaaaaay better the older you get. This house trumps my Legos any day. Thank you Lord, thank you.

To close off this week’s bloggage, I am going to end with a couple of photos of that foreman. She is just so dang awesome! Bloggage out.

I was sneaky and caught this picture through some framing.........

Steel toed work boots, complete with pink trim and happy white stars. All the rage among contractors these days.

I think the foreman is trying to seduce me. Be strong Joe. Be strong.


2 responses

  1. Susan

    I am so disappointed that I failed to capture an excellent view of your home from the air on Friday! I was so awestruck I had to fumble with the camera, and then the moment passed!

    June 6, 2011 at 5:54 am

  2. Keturah

    Ok, I just enjoyed a few minutes “catching up” with your house construction, and enjoyed a good many laughs!! Thank-you for your “bloggage”, and for keeping us updated! We missed you very much last week!! 😦 Thank-you for sharing your wife with us! Love you, Auntie Keturah

    June 13, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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